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If you are struggling to build your clientele or increase your prices it's time to stop the hustle! Find out how you can work with Dr.Kari to start building your brand, increase your prices and enjoy a life of financial freedom. 

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Training With Dr. Kari


Business Growth

Take your business to the next level with this course dedicated to boosting your confidence, building your systems, and establishing your brand identity.


Difficult CLIENTS

Happy clients are your best advertising. They generate repeat business. But if clients are unhappy, say goodbye to those referrals.


Starter Kit

Creating predictable systems in your business is the KEY to increasing your retention rate, which means more moola in your pocket every month!

Dr. Kari

certification courses

I am committed to offering educational opportunities to students, licensed and non-licensed professionals. I have created an Educational platform that will give you access to my diverse experience and knowledge. Check out my current educational opportunities below.

Trichology Certification


Become a Trichologist in 12 Weeks!

This 12-week educational program offers effective and targeted solutions to address the increasing number of women suffering from self-inflicted and scarring alopecia; and how to recognize and soothe the symptoms associated with common scalp disorders.

This Trichology Certification program has professional accreditation through The American Association of Drugless Practitioners. This board is recognized by both traditional and non-traditional holistic schools and colleges world wide as an independent accrediting board for alternative health educational institutions and programs.

Goddess Locs

master certification

The ONLY Certification from the Inventor of Goddess Locs

In this class you work with Dr. Kari to learn the Goddess Loc technique (patent pending) she invented. Add Goddess Locs as your premium offering and watch your business skyrocket. 

P.S. I’ve updated the price of the Goddess Locs Certification to make the program more accessible to stylists around the world.

I want every interested stylist to have a chance to train with me and provide a high quality guarantee.



Build a Career 

Beyond the Chair

Dr. Kari is one of the leading voices in the Natural Hair Care Movement. As the owner and operator of Mahogany Hair Revolution, she provides education, instruction and styling services for her various clients and professional stylists. 
As an educator and speaker, Dr. Kari has also had the opportunity to work with a number of product companies including:  Eden Bodyworks, Viviscal, Shea Moisture, Sof’n Free, Curls, Carol’s Daughter and African Pride.

Dr. Kari’s reputation as a trusted stylist has led her to establish a relationship with some notable celebrities who include: Brandy Norwood, Meagan Good, Ava Duvernay, Laurieann Gibson, Kelis, Keri Hilson and Willow Smith just to name a few. 

CEO Sessions With Dr. Kari

Dr. Kari imparts her wisdom in sessions with stylists, answering their most frequently asked questions. These sessions are available to help you with specific areas of your business. 


Our guest speaker, financial strategist, Dr. Dominique Reese presented on how you can become a Good Steward of your money and learn to create a financial system that will help you build wealth. Also, I share a personal story and ongoing testimony about how I negotiated a $12,000 opportunity then gave all of the money AWAY!


Dr. Kari shares her story of going back to school after 16 years of managing a successful salon and serving celebrity clients. Why did she make an 8 month sacrifice of time, money and energy when she was already operating at a high level in her career. 


Dr. Kari talks about the power of clear vision, sharing her personal story of growth, and how in this new season of my life she is understanding the power of being intentional with mapping out the vision for your future. 


Discover what transition and pivoting looks like as an Entrepreneur. What happens when you have identified as a hair stylist or salon owner your entire adult life, and now you are feeling a call to focus on another area of your business or begin an entirely new career? What does it look like to finally pursue your passion and leave your full time job? 


As the needs of your business increase you'll need to build a team. Going through the hiring process can be intimidating but Dr. Kari will show you how to make it easy. Discover the difference between an employee and contractor. See how to attract the ideal candidate and draft an effective job description. 


Creating a compelling vision of the life you want is one of the most effective strategies for achieving the life of your dreams. Discover why you need a vision, how to build your life vision and create your best life.


Are you a Sole Proprietor trying to decide how you should structure your business legally? As your business grows and the needs of your business increase, you'll need to make your business "official." Establishing your business as an LLC or Corporation can be confusing and intimidating but Dr. Kari will guide you and use her personal experience to bring ease and confidence to the process. In this issue, learn about the different legal structures, choose the best structure for your business and get information about additional licenses and permits that you may need.


Oftentimes, the biggest obstacle we face as business owners and CEO's is fear.  We have everything that we need, but we procrastinate on getting started. Or we make excuses as to why we aren't ready yet. Whatever tactics we use to get in our way, we have mastered it, until the God on the inside of us says, "Enough!"


I share how I established my business vision and the importance of identifying your core values to help ground and guide your business decisions. I also share personal stories of dealing with overwhelm, establishing healthy boundaries with family members and friends and trusting God to bring increase into your business. The New CEO is built through the development of a healthier mindset  that is established through discipline.


The only way to grow your business is to grow your mind. Discover how to tap into your internal G.P.S. Learn how to beat your fears and birth your purpose. Create daily habits to tap into your greatness and identify your limiting beliefs. 

Trust Dr. Kari like you would trust your mother, father, or favorite family member! She is, and always will be one of the first people I will seek advice from! She has never steered me wrong. I keep all of our meeting notes. I pass on her knowledge to others. She is one of a kind! Please do not miss the opportunity to engage with this brilliant and caring woman! It would be your loss!

Marc Ford 
Barber and Owner of Royal Status Grooming Studio

Dr. Kari is so dope and real... you can talk to her about anything and get real and honest feedback. Make sure to carry a pen and paper cause you can expect to get nothing but great advice that you need to apply to your business and life. She’s the truth and will have you focused!

Jenise McBride
Cosmetologist + Owner of Angelically Natural

I felt extremely comfortable sharing my challenges, goals + ideas with Dr.Kari. She makes me feel even more motivated and eager to attack my goals. When I flew to LA to meet her face to face, I got to learn a new skill set, “feed in” braids! Dr Kari is one of the most down to earth individuals I’ve ever met. Trustworthy, honest, very knowledgeable and talented!!

A'Reyel Washington
aka Ari "The FauxLoc Queen" Loc Specialist, Cosmetologist