Become a Trichologist So You Can Finally Help Clients Struggling with Hair Loss

This 8-week Trichology Certification Course offers effective and targeted solutions to address the increasing number of women suffering from self-inflicted and scarring alopecia; and how to recognize and soothe the symptoms associated with common scalp disorders.

8 Weeks to Become a Certified Trichologist

Trichology is the scientific study of hair and scalp disorders. You'll learn to identify, diagnose and treat common hair and scalp disorders so you can better service your clients. You'll even learn how body chemistry and nutrition relate to hair growth. 

Deal with Dandruff

No one wants to see the dreaded white flakes. Discover how your immune system impacts dandruff and what you can do to finally get rid of it!

Heal Hair Breakage

There can be many causes of hair breakage. You'll learn how to protect a client's hair during various treatments to avoid breakage.

Stop Itchy Scalp

Complaints of an itchy scalp is common. But this is easy to eliminate when you understand the cause. You'll discover easy solutions to stop the itching.

Support Nutrition + Diet

You might not realize it but what you eat can greatly impact your hair for better or worse. Help clients adjust their diet to achieve healthier hair. 

Offer In-Salon Treatments

It's easy to increase your rates when you offer scalp + hair loss treatments. Clients are looking for people who can truly help them tackle hair loss once and for all. 

Personalized Hair Care

There are tons of products on the market and everything doesn't work for everybody. Help clients develop personalized hair care regimens to reach their hair goals.

What's Included In The Trichology Certification Course

This is an intense program that offers a beginning foundation in Trichology study. It briefly covers key body systems in anatomy and physiology, nutrition, hair loss and the analysis of hair shaft and scalp disorders.

  • Course Syllabus
  • Code of Ethics
  • Composite Cell + Skull
  • Video Lectures
  • Body Systems
  • Nervous, Endocrine and Cardiovascular Systems
  • Assess Your Knowledge (Quiz)
  • Hair Anatomy + Diet
  • Integumentary System 
  • More Diet + Nutrition
  • Video Lectures
  • Review Week
  • Second Assignment
  • Q+A with Dr.Kari
  • Hair Loss
  • Common Scalp Disorders
  • Video Lectures
  • Hair Shaft Disorders
  • Methods of Consultation
  • In Salon Treatments
  • Trichoscope
  • High Frequency
  • Case Studies
  • Course Review
  • Purchase Your Equipment
  • Final Exam

The Investment

trichology certification


Includes access to the 8-Week Online Course. Graduates who attend the hands-on clinic are eligible to obtain certification from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.



What's included

  • Conduct in-depth scientific consultations with your clients
  • Provide effective in-salon treatments for scalp discomfort + some forms of hair loss
  • Learn how to use a Trichoscope to analyze the scalp and develop personalized hair care regimens
  • Help more people, raise your rates and build loyalty

What Our Students Are Saying


I have researched available Trichology classes on the internet for years.  I was aware that it would take a deep commitment of time and finances to complete any course, which I did not find feasible.  I was surprised to find the Trichology Certification offered by Dr. Kari Williams. 

After reading her presentation of the class I had no doubts or concerns about investing in the course.  I was so excited about being able to complete the class in eight weeks that I did not think about how much information would be presented or how much time it would take on my part to actually pass the course.  This course was intense but I have already begun to reap the benefits of this additional knowledge.


My favorite part was interacting with the instructors and other students through the forums and office hours.  The interaction made me feel like I was in an actual class room setting instead of being alone on the internet.  The feedback was phenomenal and well appreciated.


I think this course should be a requirement to all individuals with a vested interest in a healthy hair and scalp.  I have been highly recommending this course to other Cosmetologists and hair consultants, as I believe it will totally change the way they interact with clients.  I am so enthusiastic about it that my husband, who is a licensed Barber, is considering taking the course.

Joyce Stanton

Certified Trichologist

The Trichology Certification Course definitely gave me the foundation I needed to start my hair loss clinic. I appreciate learning the science behind the hair structure and what causes the various hair shaft disorders and scalp conditions. I loved the willingness of Dr. Kari to pour and share her knowledge with me. Not only did I learn how to properly assess the hair and scalp using a trichoscope, but I got the tools I needed to start my clinic which has now turned into a Hair & Wellness Consulting business.

People ask me all of the time who trained me and I refer them to Dr. Kari's Trichology program. Her program is not a fly by night certificate mill. When you ask questions you get answers. You get true education. Her program does not push products. Her program positions you on how to help people grow their hair back which is an investment that is priceless.

Precious R.

Certified Trichologist

Questions On Your Mind

frequently asked questions

How long does it take to complete the course? 

This course is a self-paced course that is designed to be completed in eight weeks. If it takes you longer than 8 weeks there is no penalty.

Is the entire course held online?


What is a Trichologist?

A specialist in hair and scalp disorders that takes a holistic approach towards helping clients recover from issues of hair loss, hair shaft disorders, and scalp discomfort.

Will I become a Trichologist after completing this course?

Yes, once you have completed this course you will receive a Certificate of Completion and will be encouraged to attend the clinic to take your learning a step further with actual clients.

Do I have to attend the Trichology clinic? 
  1. It is not required for you to attend a clinic but it is highly recommended. 

What is the purpose of the Trichology clinic?

A Cosmetology license is not required. Be sure to check your State’s requirements for offering hair and scalp services due to laws varying from State to State.

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