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salon superstar

You've dreamed of having your own salon since you were an enterprising teen with tons of business ideas. You're a natural when it comes to people. You make all the people around you feel comfortable when they come in the front door. You love doing hair and want to learn all about the business side so you can continue to build your client base. You can imagine yourself with a very successful business one day. 


Learn How to Price Your Services Like a Pro (+ Make More $$$)

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Find Your Pricing Sweet Spot 

Pricing is confusing! Charge too little you never earn enough to get out of the grind. Price your services too high and you lose clients. Or do you??

  • Revealed: the simple calculation you must apply before you decide how much to charge.
  • Break free from the Trap Behind the Chair: Stop working 14-hour days with nothing to show for it
  • Discover the 4-Step Process the most profitable stylists go through to set their prices & see how you can do the same, to your advantage!