Locs & Loyalty

An exclusive parlay w/celebrity guest Wale

Hi! My name is Dr. Kari, Celebrity Hair Stylist and Creator of the Goddess Locs

I’m hosting a special conversation with my friend and celebrity client, rapper Wale about what it takes to maintain his legendary locs and why he chooses to work with certified stylists…including my #DKSquad!

We all know the demand for locs is on the rise and I WANT YOU to learn what it takes to provide professional level care and to truly understand the value of properly installing, re-touching, and styling healthy locs.

We’ll get insight from Wale and his manager and of course, I’ll be sharing my experience working in this industry for 18 years as a Master Loctician

It’s not often, we get to chat with my celebrity clients about their experience in the chair and how they feel about their hair.

Don’t miss it!

What You'll Learn

In just one hour, we’ll cover:

  • How to ATTRACT high-value clients
  • How to COMMUNICATE with industry professionals
  • How to PROVIDE high quality loc care and maintenance
  • How to GAIN the confidence to communicate your fees + services

Special bonuses for signing up during the Event...

I want everybody to win, so I’m always giving something away!

Watch live to learn how you can join the #DKSquad and unlock a few special offers too!

As a certified stylist, barber, trichologist, master loctician, and creator of the original Goddess Locs, I have over 18 years of experience styling and caring for natural hair, especially locs.


I’ve worn locs myself for 14 years and styled some of your favorite celebs for the red carpet and major events including: Ava Duvernay, Chloe + Halle Bailey, and rapper Wale.

I’ve also introduced many of my DK Masters to opportunities to work with celebrities as well.

I want to demonstrate the power and versatility of natural locs and to connect my high-value clients to master stylists who can provide quality, professional services in their region.

The opportunities are endless and I want to see everybody win!