Become a certified loctician 

…and cultivate strong, healthy locs.

Some of the hottest celebs and members of your community are looking for certified locticians who can install and maintain healthy locs from root to tip.

A Professional loctician can create a strong base to maintain the weight of a loc as it gets longer, a sound structure to prevent breakage, and of course trendy and timeless styles that showcase the full range and beauty of natural locs.

DK certified stylists learn the proper tools and techniques to install locs that last.

Are you ready to become a DK Master Loctician?

The Benefits of Becoming…a certified loctician

Change the narrative

Who said locs aren’t “professional” or “sophisticated?” Locs are incredibly versatile. Help your clients find styles that fit their personality, profession, and mood. There’s no limit to what you can do.


Locs are in high demand! Learn the proper techniques to keep locs clean, moisturized, healthy, and strong. You’ll attract high-value clients who trust your expertise and care.


The D-I-Y and self-taught approach often leads to breakage, hair loss, and long-term damage. Learn to repair and reverse damage caused by the lack of proper installation and care.

Training Overview


History + Foundation
  • Learn about the importance of locs in our culture
  • Understand the process of loc formation.
  • Benefits of Locs and retightening 


Grooming + Styling
  • Learn how locked hair is groomed differently than hair that is being prepared for braiding, weaving, twist-out styles, or cutting.
  • Discover how to groom and cultivate locks to enhance the overall beauty of the style.
  • Practice a variety of styling techniques with locs


Repair + Restoration
  • Discover how to fix broken locs, proper loc care, and how to prevent damage in the first place.
  • Learn how to to reattach the loc with precision so there is no line of demarcation
  • Master techniques for keeping locs healthy
Lady K

Lady K

san francisco stylist

Dr. Kari really cares about each stylist, and does her best to ensure the success of each student. I also love the product education received in the course. The program is extremely educational, thorough, and fun! I love Dr. Kari's down to earth personality, understanding, and level of excellence!

Erica M

Chicago stylist

I have learned so much more than expected. I would go on to YouTube to learn things, but now that I've trained with Dr. Kari I've learned the correct ways to style hair. I had so much fun. Thank you for pushing me. I needed this!

About Dr.Kari Williams

About Dr. Kari

As a certified stylist, barber, trichologist, and master loctician, I bring over 18 years of experience and training to every course.

I’ve worn locs myself for 14 years and styled some of your favorite celebs for the red carpet and major events including: Ava Duvernay, Chloe + Halle Bailey, and rapper Wale.

I’ve also introduced many of my DK Masters to opportunities to work with celebrities as well.

My goal is to demonstrate the power and versatility of natural locs and to connect my high-value clients to master stylists who can provide quality, professional services in their region.

Whether you want to master the basics, add weaves and bold colors, or develop gravity defying styles – locs truly have no limits.

I look forward to having you on the DK Squad.

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