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The Goddess Loc Certification is a transformative experience designed to help you build confidence, character, and discipline as you move to the next level in your career.

Learn how to properly install and maintain Goddess Locs (patent pending) AND partner with me to develop the motivated money mindset you need to achieve long-term success in the natural hair industry.

This 4-week intensive course will focus on elevating your passion, precision, and professionalism and culminates with a 1-day live workshop in Los Angeles, CA on December 9.

If you’re ready to gain a mentor and walk in your greatness, I invite you to become an official DK Goddess Loc Master.

Accepting Applications: October 3 - October 22, 2022

Dr.Kari Williams Certified Goddess Locs Course


The Original Goddess Loc

invented by Dr. Kari

Inspired by God,
Created for Meagan Good

I invented the Goddess Loc technique (patent pending) for the actress Meagan Good on April 7, 2015. It was the first time a faux loc had been created with all human hair and a loose wavy end.

The style has been worn by celebrities and featured in major television shows, inspiring people around the world to experience and embrace the beauty and versatility of locs.

Now, I teach stylists how to recreate the original style while adding their own creativity to the mix to customize it and make their own.

Become a Goddess Loc Master

the required steps

We are entering a new season and I want to work closely with every talented and ambitious stylist who learns the Goddess Loc technique and joins the DK Squad.


Complete and submit the online application - apply here.


Once accepted, submit your registration fees online and begin the course.

*Payment plans available.


Attend orientation and weekly live sessions, starting Nov. 7


Complete all training modules - including tests and assessments.


Demonstrate mastery of hair care and maintenance skills through multiple choice and short answer questions on the final exam.


Demonstrate mastery of the Goddess Locs technique. Submit a video of yourself installing the style on a live model or mannequin.

What You'll Learn In the 

Goddess Locs Certification 

The Goddess Loc Style

Discover the Goddess Loc technique (patent pending) using invisible braiding and proper wrapping techniques.

Business Management

Get the tools and resources you need to help your business grow.

Money Mindset

Learn how to make time and money work for you.

Choose the Best Products

Discover the best products to prepare, install, maintain, and remove the Goddess Loc style.

Proper Maintenance

Teach clients how to maintain their Goddess Locs for up to 12 weeks!

Safely Remove Extensions

Keep clients coming back by learning how to safely remove and/or retwist extensions without damage.

Is Dr. Kari's Goddess Locs Certification

right for you?

Becoming a DK Certified natural hair stylist is incredibly fulfilling and can change your life forever. It only requires your commitment to learning and growing.

Are you Willing To Invest In Your Growth?

This is an investment of time, money, and energy into something that will pay dividends for you and your family, for years to come.

I know what it’s like to have NO money and still find a way to invest in my future. I promise to use my personal experiences to provide guidance and support. 

Do you want to grow your clientele?

If you want to get paid like a celebrity stylist, you need to have the confidence to build strong relationships with new clients and to eventually raise your rates. Learn to work smarter, not harder and ditch the belief that people won’t pay for your services. 

Become a member of the DK squad

Every student who completes the Goddess Locs Certification becomes an official member of the DK Squad. You’ll be added to my online database and join a distinguished community of stylists who receive client referrals directly from me.

The Investment

in your future


Includes access to the Online Course and a Certificate of Completion



What's included

  • 4-Week Intensive Course
  • Weekly Accountability Calls
  • Business Management Resources + Guidance
  • Access Client Referrals + DK Master Network
  • 1-Day Live Workshop in Los Angeles, CA

Celebrities Styled by Dr.Kari

the original Goddess Loc

meagan good


eva marcille


lisa lesley




tyra banks


willow smith


rutina wesley




What Our Stylists Are Saying


Kelsie L.

Los Angeles

The best part of the Goddess Loc certification program was the interaction with Dr. Kari. She has a love for teaching, encouraging and supporting fellow stylists. She’s not only giving us a new skill set with a specific and well thought out processes but a technique that will assure you are just that “a goddess loc master”.  


She taught on everything from the history of Locs and the importance of a consultation to the way should we should stand while working. She even taught us how to stretch so that we can preserve our bodies and have a longevity in our career.  


I also love that she equipped us with reassurance by not only telling us we are the authority but also referring different books and resources to reaffirm all of this. 


Training with Dr. Kari was one of the best decisions/investments I have ever made and I highly recommend it.  One last point, although this is just the beginning for me I haven’t received any clients yet from this platform; I truly believe in what we are doing. I am so much more confident in myself and the class has  made me a better stylist over all.  I am excited to be a part of this team.

Tanika S.

The best part of the training is the accessibility we have to Dr. Kari. If there is a question, she’s there to provide a solution.  My client said that she would definitely pay $1000 for the Goddess Locs. It’s lightweight it said it did not hurt. Now she understands why it’s priced the way it is. As a stylist I would not charge a penny less because I to see the value now that I’ve done the process.

Marisa D.


Questions About

goddess locs

How long does the style take to install? 

It can take up to 12 hours to install a full head of Goddess Locs. This time may vary depending on the length and size of your locs; the density of your hair; the size of your head; and the speed of your stylist.

How much hair do I need to purchase? 

The amount of hair needed to complete a full head of Goddess Locs varies based on the size and length of the loc and the density and length of your hair. Goddess Loc Masters are trained to advise on the amount of hair needed to purchase and where to purchase the hair.

How long does the style last? 

The style can last up to 4 months with proper maintenance.

Can I shampoo the style? 

Yes! The style can be shampooed. You can learn how to shampoo the style properly by purchasing a training video or by consulting with one of our Qualified Stylists or Goddess Loc Masters.

Will the locs damage my real hair? 

No, the locs will not damage your real hair when they are installed, maintained and removed properly. You can learn to do this by purchasing a training video or by receiving service from one of our Qualified Stylists or Goddess Loc Masters.

Can I install the Goddess Locs permanently? 

Yes, the Goddess Locs can be installed permanently. Consult with a Qualified Stylist or Goddess Loc Master listed in our directory to make sure it is done properly.

Complete the Goddess Loc Certification

and Transform Your Career

Goddess Locs Certification Course - By Dr.Kari Williams

You've seen the buzz! Now go through the Goddess Locs Certification course to 3X your income. Learn over 15 natural hair techniques (braids, twists + more).

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